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Welcome to
Mountain Air Cleaning

Cleaning with the Environment and Your Health in Mind

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Serving Colville, WA & surrounding areas



Located in beautiful Colville, Washington surrounded by the stunning Colville National Forest, our goal is to ensure that all of our client homes are as fresh and clean as the air surrounding you while keeping our environment safe.  We focus on using cleaners that are B Corp Certified and are approved by EPA Safer Choice.  Having first hand knowledge of allergy sensitivities and understanding how chemicals affect our environment, your safety and helping the environment are our priority.



Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cleanings
  • Includes but not limited to:

    • All rooms: dust & remove cob webs, mop, vacuum​

    • Bathroom: full clean, changing towels, empty trash

    • Kitchen: mop, clean all counter areas, stove top, outside of refrigerator, microwave, empty trash

    • Clean all high traffic area windows & mirrors

    • Bedrooms: dust, vacuum, make beds, (Changing sheets can be requested in advance of cleaning), empty trash

Benefits of a weekly cleaning:

  • Great for families with busy schedules who have no time for cleaning/organizing.

  • Good for those with allergies or low immune systems.  Helps keep the areas clean and free of dust mites and germs.

Benefits of a bi-weekly cleaning:

  • Great for families with busy schedules who still have time for some light dusting/vacuuming during the week but may need a full cleaning bi-weekly.

  • Helps keep the dust mites and germs at bay.

  • Helps keep the home decluttered and organized

  • Custom flat pricing is available based on the depth of cleaning needed and size of home

Cleaning a Filter
Deep Cleans
  • Includes but not limited to:

    • Same services as a weekly/bi-weekly clean

    • Bathroom: full clean & changing towels, empty trash, cleaning light fixtures, spot focus cleaning of shower heads

    • Kitchen: Cleaning oven & underneath stove, cleaning behind refrigerator if possible, clearing out refrigerator if requested by client.

    • Dusting/cleaning all light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.

    • Windows: washing all high traffic windows inside/out within reach (full window cleaning services are available at an additional cost)

    • Vacuuming/mopping underneath all furniture

    • Dusting/cleaning blinds

Benefits of a deep cleaning:

  • Great for busy families & schedules with no time for cleaning/organizing.

  • It's always a good idea to do a deep clean as the seasons change.  This helps keep your appliances in great shape in addition to keeping your home in top notch condition.

  • Getting ready to show case your home for sale, or have a big event planned?  A deep clean is the perfect place to start!

  • Custom flat pricing available based on the depth of cleaning needed and size of home.

Construction Workers
New Construction/Empty Home Interior Cleaning
  • Includes but not limited to:

    • Sweep, mop, dust, vacuum all surfaces including ceilings, walls, base boards, & grates/vents.

    • Wipe down & disinfect all surfaces including walls.

    • Clean/disinfect all hardware including hinges, handles, shelves, cabinets

    • Thoroughly clean and sanitize all kitchen and bathroom areas.

    • Clean all windows, window trim & frame within safe reaching distance using a step ladder.

    • Dust/clean blinds

Benefits of a new construction cleaning:

  • New Home Owners: Moving into a new home can be exciting yet stressful.  Let us focus on cleaning up the dust left behind so that you can focus on packing and moving in!

  • Construction Companies: Your profession is building, ours is cleaning.  Let's both do what we do best!  Our focus is to ensure that the interior of your construction is in tip top condition and will make your build look even more amazing.  Trust us to make that happen!

  • Square footage pricing is available for an empty home or new construction to make budgeting & estimating easy.

A clean home makes  a happy Home! Book today!

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